The old adage hasn’t changed. It’s all about location. You want your content to be where your audiences are connecting. The only thing that has changed is which screen is considered the TV, and which devices people are using to redefine it. And with every evolution in the entertainment market comes a new set of challenges.

That’s where Videa comes into play. Putting TV Everywhere and your content into good hands.

Videa gets you native TV Everywhere applications across popular mobile, tablet, and Smart TV devices faster and more cost-efficiently than any other solution. We customize the design to match your brand requirements using our internally refined process. All while ensuring your entertainment is properly architected and categorized to help showcase the content you want, when you want.

Benefits of Videa


Integrate once – deploy everywhere. No-hassle set up means you’ll have a TV Everywhere application up and running in no time. Painlessly deliver your content to your audience’s mobile, tablet and connected TV devices.


With Videa, you can support your existing subscription services and/or ad-serving systems to increase revenue opportunities – without having to increase costs. Get the most out of your entertainment, and let audiences do the same.


Give your audiences the freedom to create playlists, receive up-to-the-minute notifications and talk about your content through an elegant user experience. With Videa, your content can become as great as it was meant to be.


It’s important to us that your brand identity comes to life through original custom Videa applications. It’s equally important that your content stands out among the sea of competition and evolution of technology.


Allow your audience to experience every moment no matter where they are. With full EPG integration for access to schedules of their favourite shows on the most popular platforms, it’s easy to see why our clients love Videa.


Integrate social platforms with ease, opening the door to your audience’s networks like never before. Whether it’s the latest sports score, or breaking news, with Videa, there’s always something exciting to talk about.